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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Wari uzi ingano y'isukari iba mu binyobwa bidasindisha

Hirya no hino wumva abantu bavuga ngo kunywa inzoga, cg fanta ni bibi, icyaha cg se ibindi bishakiye. iyi nkuru ntije kukubwira ibyo, ahubwo ije kukumenyesha ingano y'isukari iri mu binyobwa bimwe na bimwe tumenyereye ko bidasindisha. Urugero: Fanta.
Fanta isanzwe (Orange, Citron) icupa ritoya (375ml) ririmo 41g (Amagarama) bingana n'utuyiko duto 10,3 (naho ubaze mililitiro 100ml: 10.9g zihwanye n'utuyiko duto 2.7) mu cyegeranyo kiri hasi aha, muraza kubonamo ko Coca-cola benshi dukunda irimo hafi utuyiko16 muri mililitiro 600. Byirebere mu mbonerahamwe ikurikira
Dore imbonerahamwe dukesha urubuga uko rubyerekana:

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